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Nashville, TN

Speaking Louder Ministries is an evangelistic ministry founded by Jeremy Camp. Our central goal is seeing lives transformed by Jesus Christ through music, testimony, and service. 


Where We Go



Speaking Louder comes to a community, city, or country at the invitation of local churches, ministries or missionaries. It is our desire to share Jesus with every tribe, tongue, and nation.



You can bring music to life



We have continual ministry activity, outreach, and leadership training in the cities of Bangalore and Chennai. 


We are in the early planning stages of hosting a large scale evangelistic concert in the capital city of Kampala. We will also be participating in medical and evangelistic outreach in all stages of ministry activity.  Learn  More




Where We've Gone

Hope for India | August 2015 (Phase 2) / January 2016 (Phase 3)

Looking back upon the recent outreach spent in Chennai & Bangalore, India we are all completely overwhelmed by the faithfulness of God in our midst. We had the joy and honor of being laborers in His harvest, and workers in His field. How rich and rewarding it is to serve the living God! By His grace we were able to fulfill the vision He placed before us to declare the hope of Jesus through music, testimony, and service.

Japan | May 2013

Because of Jeremy's testimony of his first wife passing away, the Lord opened many doors for him to be able to minister to those who have experienced devastating circumstances. We saw on numerous occasions people open their hearts to him and what he had to say, based on the familiarity has has with suffering. We praise the Lord for using our hardships for His glory.

Our desire in this initial trip was to build relationships with the people of Japan. They expressed a sense of feeling forgotten as they are still left, many years later, to deal with devastation and loss, all the while feeling that the rest of the world has moved on.

We felt the most effective means of sharing the gospel would be to build long-term relationships and desire to walk alongside them as much as we can. We visited a couple secular schools and colleges, visited temporary housing for the families affected by the the tsunami, a recently cleared radio active site, as well as a group of women (Nozomi Project) who were making a living from making jewelry from broken pieces of pottery found in the rubble of what the tsunami had left behind. "Beauty from Brokenness" is what their name means and how incredible it was for us to be able to encourage them that that is what our Heavenly Father can do for us.


Kyrgyzstan | June 2013

Local missionaries expressed that to the majority of believers in Kyrgyzstan sharing the good news of Jesus Christ has become a fearful burden rather than a promised blessing. Many believers are hiding in the shadows of supposed torture and death.

Throughout the week we had special times of prayer and corporate worship with the local churches and their youth groups. Repeatedly, we heard the cry for boldness and freedom from fear.

We ended the week with an outreach in a stadium with about 10 000 people.

Believers from many churches came together to translate Jeremy’s songs and to get the word out throughout Kyrgyzstan and the surrounding nations. After a few introductory songs Jeremy began to open up and share his heart with the people. He shared of the suffering that his first wife had gone through facing terminal cancer, the change that took place in his heart and the answers to life that can be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The sun was setting and its gentle hues shone upon the nearby mountains as threatening rain clouds dissipated. As Jeremy continued to speak, a stillness swept the stadium as the bold proclamation of the Gospel went forth.

About 10-15% of the crowd left after Jeremy shared about his life being transformed by Jesus. We actually expected more people to leave. But so many stayed and later shared with counselors that, although they were not believers, they had been tremendously affected by Jeremy’s music and story. One woman shared that her daughter could not stop crying during or after the concert, and could not explain what was happening to her. In her own words she said, “This was a breakthrough for Kyrgyzstan.”

The concert was closed by a word from a local, Pasha Bolshakov. Before getting up to share, thoughts ran through his mind, “If Jeremy, a foreigner, can be so bold in sharing the Gospel openly here, then I can as well.” The challenge went out to the people. “We are believers in Jesus. He has changed our lives. If you want to know more about Him, please come and let us share with you how you can know His love.” Pasha shared boldly, knowing there had been a threat of spending up to a year in prison, as well as the missionaries being asked to leave the country.

The Lord had given us many promises that He would protect us and He not only came through, but gave us the opportunity to share that hope with others.

The answer to fear welling up in our hearts is always the same – to know God more. Please pray that the people of Kyrgyzstan and surrounding nations would come to understand, appreciate, and savor the love of the awesome God that we know and serve. And pray the Lord will make a way for us to go back in person to encourage them again.


Ukraine | June 2013

Kiev, Ukraine

Jeremy and our team led worship and taught at a conference for local pastors and worship leaders. We ended the week of ministry with a free outreach concert, that had such a great response we had to have two concerts in one evening.

The Lord moved powerfully and over 150 people made a commitment to follow Christ. What an indescribable joy it is to see people responding to the Lord. The need among the people of Ukraine to hear the good news of Jesus is great. Apparently the last time an outreach had happened was in 2007 and so we were overjoyed at the opportunity we had been given to tell them about the eternal hope we have in Jesus.