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Nashville, TN

Speaking Louder Ministries is an evangelistic ministry founded by Jeremy Camp. Our central goal is seeing lives transformed by Jesus Christ through music, testimony, and service. 




The Motivating Moravians

Daniel Williamson

The Moravians of Herrnhut, Germany in the 1700’s continue to drive our motivation for missions to this day. I believe this came not only through the amount of people they launched into the mission field, but through various foundational principles in their movement.


A primary drive for their abandonment to preaching the Gospel throughout the world was their love and passion for the Lord Jesus. This is a great lesson we as the church can learn for our ministries, our lives, and our understanding of God’s heart for missions. As mentioned by Colin A Grant, “If there is no passionate love for Christ at the center of everything, we will only jingle and jangle our way across the world, merely making a noise as we go.” This passion for Jesus must be the central drive of our hearts and purpose in bringing Christ to the nations. Simply put, if we know Him we will make Him known.


The second foundation of their ministry and effectiveness in missions was their radical commitment to prayer. As Hawthorne notes, “The Moravian movement sustained a 24-hour-a-day prayer meeting for over one hundred years, seeking God’s intervention for spiritual awakening and world evangelization.” Prayer must be a fuel that drives our service to Christ. Prayer to the Living God of the Universe leads us, enables us, and grants us the vision we need to see people as He does. Thus, the Moravians unlocked the door to the nations through the key of prayer. We must learn what type of difference this makes, for when we pray, we grow in the knowledge of God and clarity on how He desires to reach the people groups of the world.

A few other items to note of the Moravian Missions movement was their obedience to Christ, their courage to remain in the will of God despite the sufferings, and they carried a godly unity bound by the love of Jesus. If these principles can be applied to our modern-day mission strategies, the nations and people groups of the world can surely be reached with the Gospel.